How Protection Amulets Work

So why should you wear protection amulets and how do they work?

First of all, before you decide what amulet to wear, you must have an intention.

What is your intention? what do you want to accomplish or attract in your life?

Is your intention to attract love, to protect you from bad luck or the evil eye other people might give you?

You must have an intention because amulets without an intention are just things you wear that don't have meaning at all.

But if you have an intention, then it means you are giving it energy, and energy is what makes everything work.

So when you have an intention, and you are giving it energy, an amulet works as a powerful tool to make things happen.

They help you manifest your desires because as you give energy to your desires, the amulet strengthens that desire and makes it a reality.

It's why amulets must be made with items and materials that represent something to you or that have a meaningful significance to you.

For example, The Tiger Eye Amulet is made by ancient rocks that were worn by Roman Soldiers.

Roman Soldiers wore the Tiger Eye to awaken their inner tiger. In other words, to unleash the behaviors of a tiger such as courage, focus, confidence, and strength.

They did this went they went to war so that they could destroy their enemies and win the wars and battles. 

Today you can use the same amulets to get a job positive, a promotion, or simply to thrive in life.

If you want protection from the Evil Eye or bad luck, the same concept applies.

You must wear something meaningful so that when you wear your amulet you feel strong and protected.

Our Evil Eye Amulet is made with Obsidian rocks which have been used since the middle ages to repel demons, the evil eye, and negativity from your life.

It is not just any rock, the rock has a history, meaning, and our ancestors chose the obsidian rock as a protection rock.

Remember before you obtain an amulet you must:

1- Have an intention

2- Choose an amulet that has a meaningful significance to you

3- Let the amulet strengthen your desires until they become a reality.

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