The Key to Casting Effective Love Spells

The key to casting effective love spells is knowing the Laws of The Universe so that you know how it all really works.

Ancient witches used rituals and spells to connect and utilize the Laws of The Universe which are 7. These are the principle of the 7 Laws.

  1. The principle of Mentalism
  2. The principle of correspondence
  3. The principle of vibration
  4. The principle of polarity
  5. The principle of rhythm
  6. The principle of causality
  7. The principle of gender

Understand these principles is the key to casting effecting love spells that really work because if you are not aware of these principles, then you are just lighting candles without knowing how the magic works.

For example, the principle of correspondence states:

“As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without; As the Universe, So the Soul…”

That means that the emotions within you are reflected in the situations that happen in your relationship. As within, so without!

When you understand this principle then you know that recovering your power is the most important thing because as you recover your power within, your power starts to manifest all around you.

"As within so without."


Why is It So Hard to Cast Effecting Love Spells?

It's because there are only a few amounts of sorcerers in this world that really understand and use these principles.

Many people are caught up in materials, and the rituals of a love spell

And they forget that we live in a world that is mental. What really matters when casting a spell are the emotions and intentions that you hold in your mind.

Because everything that you hold in your mind for a period of time soon or later manifests in your life.

It is why it is extremely important to have a spell that allows you to recover your power as the vagina spell.


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