Wealth and Prosperity Amulet
Wealth and Prosperity Amulet

Wealth and Prosperity Amulet

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If you notice that nothing is going well with what you want, that people may be wishing you bad, then use this bracelet to block bad luck and attract good luck.

This is a beautiful round shaped bracelet made of Zinc Alloy, silver plated metals and Murano glass beads to attract the energies of good luck and drive away bad luck in your love life and finances.

It also comes with a Hamsa or "Hand of Fatima."  symbol. Hamsa is a sign of Protection, Power, and Strenght that dates back to the times of Mesopotamia. 

The Hamsa has been used for centuries for magical protection from an envious or evil eye.

With just putting on this Bracelet of good luck, you will feel that things start to turn out well for you. The Hand of Fatima will remind you that no matter what happens, you are protected from envious people with bad intentions.

The precious pearls around this bracelet will attract the feeling of good luck, prosperity and wealth.

  • Attract good fortune and prosperity
  • Block bad luck and poverty
  • Get amazing ideas to attract wealth and businesses

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