Evil Eye Charm to Protect You From Black Magic
Evil Eye Charm to Protect You From Black Magic
Evil Eye Charm to Protect You From Black Magic

Evil Eye Charm to Protect You From Black Magic

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This Obsidian star necklace will harmonize the energy of your Root Chakra. Obsidian is a natural volcanic stone that has powerful healing and protection properties. 

Wearing Black Obsidian will cleanse the psychic fog created by negative energy that is stuck in your aura. This metaphysical jewel is praised since the Middle Ages, it was thought to repel demons, this is why it is used to build foundations. It has powerful metaphysical properties that protect you from negativity and stress. This is a "VITALITY" stone that helps you stay aligned and connect with the true purpose of your soul.

Acting as a protective talisman for spiritual beings, yoga practitioners, and chakra meditation to stabilize and harmonize the "Muladhara" also know as the first chakra (Root Chakra).

With this powerful Talisman you will be able to:

  • Repel demons
  • Protect you from negative energies
  • Harmonize your Root Chakra

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